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Planning & Preparation for a Sustainable Future

Ashay Prabhu

Vice President of Strategic Asset Management, Dude Solutions

Jessica Leggett

Director of Funding Services, WithersRavenel

Rod Lovely

Senior Technical Asset Management Consultant, WithersRavenel

  • Oct 14, 2021
  • 54:19

As the stimulus landscape changes and additional funding becomes available, now is the time to identify your community needs around capital improvement planning ahead of time. When the time comes to make a case for funding, it’s more important than ever to think strategically on how you’re going to use that funding and be prepared to build the most competitive application to win those dollars.

Join Dude Solutions and WithersRavenel as we discuss the importance in obtaining complete and accurate asset data for lifecycle modeling to prioritize the right projects at the right time to build your case for funding.

You’ll walk away with answers to the following questions:

  • What is the status of the American Rescue Plan and what are the different sources of funding?
  • How does Strategic Asset Management help tell the story for capital improvement planning?
  • How can I use data to overcome hurdles in starting or re-starting projects?

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