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Navigating Hiring Amid a Changing Workforce

Paul Lachance

Senior Manufacturing Advisor, Dude Solutions

  • Jul 07, 2021

We see “Help Wanted” signs in nearly every industrial park in the country. This should be no surprise, as we have been charting the aging workforce for nearly a decade as we watch the baby boomers all hitting retirement age. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown “gas on the fire” as it forced many veteran maintenance technicians on the sidelines. 

With all the unemployment in retail, hospitality and other pandemic-hurt industries, why do manufacturers have such a hard time finding qualified operations teammates? 

Join this webcast with Plant Engineering on Wednesday, July 7 to learn more about:

  • Why are there so many “Help Wanted” signs with manufacturers
  • How did we get here and how has the pandemic exasperated where we are
  • What are some methodologies and best practices that can help
  • How can technology ensure we stay competitive to retain and attract team talent

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